How to choose a gaming chair

How to choose a gaming chair

A good gaming chair is one of the most overlooked and important parts of gaming. Most people think they’ve already spent so much on the setup, why waste one chair but then you just can’t deal with the excessive back pain. You’ve decided that staying in bed or on the seat in front of the PC just isn’t enough anymore. You need something different, something smooth and relaxing on which you can be gaming all night. So you start searching for the perfect chair, you look at all the variable your chair needs to have. Good back-support, as you can’t get one that won’t even ensure your back being comfortable. Armests, your arms need to be relaxed and in a position where they can move freely and do what they feel like at that point. Go for a chair that comes with cold foam padding, it is much more soft and comfortable like futon sofa.


There are manydifferent kinds of gaming chairs.

PC Gaming Chairs 

A PC gaming chair is made of a 5-star, mobile wheeled base with a pedestal seat that is mounted on top. These chairs come with swiveling function so you can move around your desk freely. They also have a high back to support your neck and high armrests to support your wrists as you use your keyboard and mouse.


Bean Bag Chairs

These are large sacks generally filled with even foam and upholstered in microfiber or suede. Bean bag chairs are not particularly supportive or ergonomic but if you’re looking for a chair that can accommodate a wide range of body positions and postures, they are an excellent option. Another reason to choose them is they tend to be cheaper.


Console Gaming Chairs

You may have seen the “Rocker” chairs which are the most popular types of console gaming chairs. Rocker chairs come with L-shaped seats that you can place directly on the floor. The backrest of these chairs can generally rock back-and-forth with your movements, which is why they are called rocker chairs.

Keep in mind that these chairs are not meant to be used at a desk and they are way less ergonomic than PC gaming chairs. This is the best gaming chair for a Ps4, overall. You should only buy a console gaming chair if your sole goal is to enjoy your consoles comfortably.


So before you go get your gaming chair, I hope you consider everything we just told you and happy gaming!

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