The Anatomy of the Hat You Should Know

The Anatomy of the Hat You Should Know

Do you know why people are so obsessed with hats that they don’t even leave their house wearing one? This is because hats are one of the most attractive and versatile fashion statements. While some people love hats due to their functionality such as protecting the hair or skin from the harmful UV rays, others love the hats as they are capable of enhancing the fashion sense.

However, some other people don’t love hats or don’t know how to choose the perfect hat for them. It doesn’t matter if you love the hats or not, you need to know relevant information regarding the parts of the hats so that you can purchase the perfect one.

You need to have a solid understanding of the anatomy of the hats to choose the right one. Continue reading the article so that you can know about every part of the hats.

What is a Hat?

The hat is used to cover the head. Hats come with a crown and brim that will protect you from the sun rays and other harmful elements. As they are one of the best fashion accessories, they can undoubtedly increase your fashion statement. Additionally, hats will also help people recognize your social status.

Difference between Hats and Caps

Even though the hats and caps are similar, some minor differences will help you distinguish hats from caps.

In the hat industry, the hats are known as headgears that come with a crown and a brim. The hat is more effective at protecting your face, skin, back of the neck, and shoulder from harmful UV rays. As per WHO, overexposure to UV rays will affect your skin.

On the other hand, the cap is one type of headgear that comes with a crown. The cap is also shallow enough so that it can fit on the head perfectly. The caps only protect the face and the front side of the neck. The visor or brim is the primary thing that will help you distinguish hats from caps.

Parts of Hats

Remember that brims and crowns are not just the only parts of the hats. There are also other important parts such as sweatband, crease, and under the brim that plays an important part in the anatomy of the hat.


The crown is one of the most important parts of the hat. The crown is placed above the brim and will cover the top of your head. The crown of the hat will determine the functionality of the hat such as protecting you from UV rays and other elements.

The crown is designed with both lower and higher profiles. The higher crown hats offer more room and comfort for the head. If you’re planning to purchase a higher profile crown, you should choose Panama or fedora hats. On the other hand, the lower profile crown of the hats is also considered as caps such as ascots, newsboys, berets, and Ivy.

Creases, Pinch, and Dents

Dents or creases are known as the dips or indentations on the sides of the hats. The dents are also effective at the front of the hats. Pinch determines the shape of the crease. For example, the top hat style crease is referred to as the square pinch. This is the primary appearance of the hats.

Most modern hats come with round corners. Additionally, no-shaping helps the customers to style the crown as per their preferences. However, in old days, the crease was used to determine the origin of the hats.

The creasing also helps the wearer remove or put the hat back perfectly. This way they can prevent damaging the hat while removing it. There are various creases such as Montana, cattleman, brick crease, and ping front.


The brim is known as the horizontal ledge that encircles and protrudes as the base of the crown. The primary objective of the brim is to provide shelter to the wearer. Hats are made with different types of brims including:

  • Wide brims
  • Stingy brims or short brims
  • Floppy brims
  • Flat brims
  • Super-wide brims
  • Under welt
  • Downward brims
  • Foldable
  • Upturned brims
  • Narrow brims

Keep in mind that the bills and brims are not the same. The bills are considered as visor that provides shade. On the other hand, the brim provides higher sun coverage as compared to the caps.

Hat Band

The skull hat band is known as the decorate strip of the hat that will undoubtedly enhance the appearance. Even if you have older hats, using hatbands will make the hat look more eye-catching.

The band is usually 1 inch tall and encircles the crown. This is why they are known as hatbands. They go by different names including ribbons, leather ties, or braided cords. Hats such as boater, fedora, Panama, cowboy, 10 gallon, straw, and top hats will look completely different when paired with the hatbands.

Hatbands are made of different materials such as nylon, cotton, leather, wool, silk, and even beads. Even though the hatbands were used to make the hat tighter for the wearer, nowadays they are being used to showcase fashion statements.


This is the anatomy of the hat you need to know. Do you have any other questions? Make sure you comment down below. And don’t forget to contact us if you want high-quality hatbands for your top hats.

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