The language barrier and its effect on learning

The language barrier and its effect on learning

Language has a great influence when it comes to learning. After birth, man learns everything from environment and language has a great part in this learning procedure. No matter if, it is the basic life skills, daily communication or educational exposure. Language plays is a vital role at every stage. In the modern education system, the language barrier is one of the crucial obstacles in learning for students. The Research Prospect on the issue explores that many students have to face issues in the classroom with a language barrier.

Commonly the difference between domestic and national language and the incorporation of international language in course cause the issues. Students are supposed to learn an entirely new language that triggers issues for them generally. Following can be the effects and causes of the language barrier on the student are learning.

Not a common practice

The new language whether it is a national or international one never comes in common practice. In the household or at community level kids and students have to communicate in the regional or local language. When at educational institutes, we try to make them learn a new language it is difficult for them to put it in the common practice. The parents and other people in society are unable to understand the new language. Kids are not able to practice is frequently and get the feedback on their learning from than natural environment at well. It turns out as a major barrier in their overall learning and improvement.

Hard to understand

Understanding a new language is another barrier for the students and kids. Things seem difficult for the kids at first. They cannot get the meaning of what they are reading or writing in the first place. In the classroom, many students have to face this barrier of understanding the basics of a new language. Teaching them something instantly will turn out to be a bad idea and do not pay off the way it should be. The practice and teaching require some efficient skills and programs to incorporate a new language to the classroom and kids.

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No parental support for better learning

Language barrier provides to be difficult for the kids as they are unable to get parental support. Whenever, a kid stat schooling, parents play a crucial role in the basic development. Even before attending school, a kid learns the basics of language at home. At school, he gets advance with these language skills. If school is providing a kid with another language that is unknown to parents and other members at family, then it is difficult. The parents are unable to help the kid with the understanding, development and adaptation of new language at all. Things turn out to be difficult and cause a major barrier in learning for the kids.

Delayed learning process

Another immense effect of the language barrier in the classroom is the delayed learning. Studies proved that many of the students are unable to progress with their academics is due to the language barrier. They are not comfortable with reading, speaking, understanding or writing the new language. It causes them to face failure and poor learning process as well. In this case, teachers and students both at the same time have to put in many efforts that will help to make things better and useful for kids and class at the same time.

Impact student’s performance

Language barrier not only affects the learning process but also affect the student’s performance in studies and school as well. It puts pressure on a student with the reference of performance. If there is not proper conditioning or counselling to students, there are possibilities to slip the students into depression.

Requires a little transformation

It is not possible to let go of learning an international or national language. Ensuring the student’s progress on the International horizon links to teaching them a new language. Eliminating the language barrier is necessary to speed up the learning process. It requires some transformations such as taking small steps and using native language as a second language in the classroom. Developing the basics of the language in students using translation to the native language will help them to get a better understanding and practice new things easily.

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